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Period Gratis nights
01.05 - 31.05 5 + 1 gratis
01.06 - 30.06 5 + 1 gratis
01.07 -31.07 7 + 1 gratis
01.08 - 31.08 9 + 1 gratis


Zlatibor is a popular destination for guests from Serbia and the region - both in winter and summer. Many visitors gladly choose Zlatibor as a place where they will spend their vacation or wintering. However, it often happens that we need a break from work or everyday life and we want to at least briefly "escape" from the city to the mountains. At that moment, the best option is definitely Zlatibor accommodation, last minute offers. When it comes to apartments on Zlatibor, the offer is very large, so everyone can choose what suits them! What distinguishes all apartments is that they exude a pleasant atmosphere, peace and quiet. Last minute offers Zlatibor are what interests a large number of guests, but even without them, apartments for a day on Zlatibor are very affordable and available to anyone who wants to spend one or more days to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful surroundings. Compared to hotel accommodation, which has been number one in terms of accommodation for years, an apartment per day is a far better option, due to the privacy you get. The whole facility is at your disposal, with a kitchen and a bathroom. So, when it comes to Zlatibor accommodation, last minute offers are not something you have to wait for to enjoy the benefits provided by the most beautiful mountain in Serbia. Reserve your last minute offer Zlatibor today!