What to do on Zlatibor - Excursions, events, adventures and sports

What to do Zlatibor This is a typical question asked by all tourists, whether through social networks, search engines or when they arrive on Zlatibor. That's why we decided to pack everything you can visit on Zlatibor in a few days in one[...]
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Rural tourism Zlatibor - Tourist villages of Zlatibor are becoming more and more attractive

Rural tourism Zlatibor Everyone enjoys staying in nature in this epidemiological situation, so there is a trend that an increasing number of tourists spend their holidays in rural households not far from urban areas. It is the same in[...]
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Restaurants Zlatibor - Our top 5 favorites restaurants on Zlatibor

Restaurants Zlatibor - We have selected for you the 5 best restaurants on Zlatibor, according to our taste. We checked the quality food, services and ambience, as Zlatibor hosts we want to tell you that story. The benefits of this region[...]
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Izleti Zlatibor - Organizacija izleta uz povoljne cene

Izleti Zlatibor - Organizacija izleta, aktivnosti i avantura na Zlatiboru. Zlatibor kao lider turizma u jugozapadnoj Srbiji gostima pruža mogućnost da se upoznaju sa mnoštvom lokaliteta kako na Zlatiboru, tako i u[...]
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Villa Pekovic Apartments

Villa Pekovic Apartments - Some of our apartments are located in Vila Pekovic Zlatibor. It's near city center, 100m from lake and square, in a beautiful mountain envirnonment. We focused on renting luxury apartments on Zlatibor and offer[...]
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