Cottages on Zlatibor


Cottages on Zlatibor - The largest offer of cottages, houses and villas on Zlatibor. Recently, we have been actively dedicating the renting of the mentioned facilities, in order to bring all the beauties of Zlatibor closer to our guests, as well as the privacy that these facilities provide.

Once upon a time on Zlatibor you could not find apartments in the center, accommodation in large buildings as it exists today, but smaller houses and cottages are for rent. In that spirit, we continued to renew habits and support both urban and rural tourism on Zlatibor.

For our guests we carefully choose the most beautiful cottages, houses and villas, which are fully equipped and comfortable to stay for long periods. Some of them even have private spas, swimming pools, entertainment rooms (darts, billiards, board games, etc.). Often, all these buildings were created by renovating old houses or making them completely new, respecting all the rules of construction of such buildings. Most often, they were all created in a combination of wood and stone, which further complements the mountain atmosphere.

For those who do winter sports, we have provided several cottages located on Tornik, not far from the ski slopes. Ski center "Tornik" is located at an altitude of 1,110 - 1,490m, 9 km from the tourist center Zlatibor. The total capacity of the ski resort is about 5,400 skiers per hour. Ski center Tornik is equipped with a six-seater cable car, capacity of 3,000 skiers per hour, two skis The "anchor" type lift, with a total capacity of 2,400 skiers per hour, is covered by an artificial snow system, so that this ski center is no longer dependent on weather conditions.

There are many breathtaking mountains in Serbia, and one of them is certainly the mountain Zlatibor. Clean mountain air, natural beauty, ski trails and a large number of other facilities that this mountain offers, make accommodation on Zlatibor very attractive in both summer and winter. Throughout the year, apartments and cottages on Zlatibor have a large occupancy of accommodation, which tells us that there is great interest in vacationing on this mountain. If private accommodation Zlatibor is one of your vacation options, take a look at our complete offer for renting a cottage, apartment on Zlatibor.

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