Rural tourism Zlatibor

Everyone enjoys staying in nature in this epidemiological situation, so there is a trend that an increasing number of tourists spend their holidays in rural households not far from urban areas. It is the same in the tourist villages of rural tourism Zlatibor, where guests enjoy the charms of natural life, togetherness, delicious and healthy food that benefits their health. These untouched areas of nature are ideal places to relax away from the worries of the modern world.

Tourists who want to experience the charms of Zlatibor villages have at their disposal accommodation facilities in Sirogojno, Gostilje, Rožanstvo, Ljubiš, Tripkovi, Mačkat, Rudine, Semegnjevo, Kriva Reka, Ribnica ... In addition to good traffic connections, the villages are adequately equipped for accommodation and stay. guests. And the famous hospitality of the hosts of Zlatibor, who receive the guest as a friend, make their stay in a rural environment special and unforgettable.

Holidays in rural households can be complemented by hiking, cycling on forest trails, fishing on clean mountain streams, horseback riding ... There are also opportunities for organizing excursions and other recreational and fun activities in nature.

Cultural and historical sites, buildings of traditional architecture, as well as products of old crafts and handicrafts have a special value in this area. In the open-air museum "Staro selo" Sirogojno, the architectural heritage of the Zlatibor plateaus and the centuries-old culture of living in the rural area are vividly presented. Equipping the museum setting with authentic furniture, utensils, devices, devices, tools and tools gives an insight into the former interior design of houses, as well as the way of doing business and organizing the family life of the people of the Zlatibor region.

Tourists can see the tradition and motifs of rural toursim Zlatibor villages carved on wood, thanks to the self-taught sculptor and woodcarver Miladin Lekić (author of the sculpture "Zlatibor Fast Train" on King's Square) who has his gallery in the village of Šljivovica. Special creative skills were also shown in Tripkova, within the craft workshop for artistic glass processing "Tiffany", where there is a gallery and a sales salon.

Thanks to its natural resources, Zlatibor has ideal conditions for the development of rural tourism. This contributes to the diversity of the tourist offer, as well as to the preservation of the tradition of this "gold mountain". In addition to accommodation in rural households, tourists also have access to accommodation in inns in certain villages, as well as restaurants of national cuisine that are widely known to gourmets for their Zlatibor specialties.