The upcoming summer tourist season on Zlatibor will be filled with numerous concerts, cultural events and traditional events. The Municipality of Cajetina and the Tourist Organization of Zlatibor have prepared a rich program of the "Zlatibor Cultural Summer". During July and August, these events are organized at three locations, and every day they will be filled with meaningful music and cultural programs.

The largest number of manifestations is held on the summer stage of King's Square, which was reconstructed during the past period and got a new look. The concerts of famous musicians will certainly attract the most attention here.

This summer, visitors to Zlatibor will enjoy the concerts of Vlado Georgiev, Marija Serifovic, Dejan Petrovic and the "Big Band", as well as the concert of the RTS Symphony Orchestra. Every Tuesday during July and August, performances of numerous folklore societies from Serbia and the region will be organized on the summer stage of King's Square, including KUD "Abrasevic", UG "Veterans of Zlatibor", KUD "Lira", KUD "Spasovdanski vez", UG "Ere" " and many others.

In addition to music concerts and performances by KUDs, the program of the "Zlatibor Cultural Summer" also includes performances, of which children's stand out, prepared for the youngest visitors to Zlatibor. During August, a jazz festival will be organized on King's Square, as well as the festivals "Licidersko srce", "Izvorske kapi", "Moravski biseri".

This summer, Zlatibor will delight its visitors with new artistic content. The theater of the Cultural Center Zlatibor starts working, so during the entire summer period, large theater performances are organized: "Kir Janja", "Kerovi", "Čudo u Sharganu", "Plastika", "Cinnamon and vanilla", "Frankie and Johnny", some are theater plays that fans of this art will be able to see, and Sloboda Mićalović, Srdjan Timarov, Aleksandar Srećković Kubura and other well-known names of the Serbian theater will be guests at the theater of the Cultural Center. In addition to theater performances, movies will be shown in the cinema in this building during the upcoming summer.

The gate of the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord on Zlatibor is another location where cultural and musical events will be organized this summer. Actors Petar Bozovic and Nebojsa Dugalic will take part in the cultural program at the churchyard, and a concert by Danica Crnogorcevic, literary evenings and sermons will be held.

The program of the "Zlatibor Cultural Summer", as in previous years, will complement the traditional village events. The villages of Zlatibor are widely known not only for the beauty of the landscape and hospitable hosts, but also for the events that are organized throughout the year. "Petrovdanski dani" are in Sirogojno on July 12, and "Ilindanski sportski susreti" on August 2. The Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord, August 19, will be marked in Rožanstvo with the manifestation "There is no water without springs", while an art colony is being held in the village of Trnava from August 18 to 22.