Restaurants Zlatibor - We have selected for you the 5 best restaurants on Zlatibor, according to our taste. We checked the quality food, services and ambience, as Zlatibor hosts we want to tell you that story.

The benefits of this region are also Zlatibor-Užice widely known traditional specialties, which will never leave you indifferent. Uzice set of buns with lamb melting, Zlatibor cheese, prosciutto and various other delicious specialties of local, Serbian cuisine are just some of the popular gastronomic delights of almost all restaurants on this mountain. Therefore, Zlatibor restaurants will be the topic of this text. Find your ideal space to enjoy!

We emphasize that this is our choice and that we suggest these restaurants as the 5 best on Zlatibor based on our experiences. We do not receive any money for advertising any of them, but we want to show you what we really think is the best, in terms of price and quality!

Grand Restaurant

The grand restaurant is located on the promenade in the center of Zlatibor on the floor above the Irish Pub. Pleasant, bright, elegant ambience is suitable for private and business gatherings, but also romantic dinners. The friendly staff will do their best to make your choice of Grand Restaurant a real pleasure at any occasion. Enjoy the dishes of continental Europe, the Mediterranean and Serbian specialties, with a diverse selection of wines. The chef will surprise you not only with the richness of taste, but also with the appearance of the dishes and the balancing of ingredients for the perfection of each bite.

Central Inn Gastro bar

Central Inn Gastro bar, designed by energetic and young people, is the first Gastro bar in the tourist offer of Zlatibor. Our idea is to create an unforgettable harmony of a unique ambience and taste for each guest with a new, modern concept. The gastro bar is located in the center of Zlatibor, but is separated and hidden from the crowds of the main promenade, so it offers guests a quiet and pleasant environment to enjoy with family and friends with favorite food and drinks.

Kafana Pećinar

One of the beauties of Zlatibor and its village Ljubiš is certainly the restaurant "Pećinar", where six generations of Pećinar have been engaged in catering. In a beautiful ambience, every picture on the wall and piece of furniture preserves the memory of the tradition and ancestors who built the reputation of the family name for decades. Try hot proju, Zlatibor cheese, kajmak and prosciutto. For the main course, choose veal or lamb under the stove. A special specialty is the trout fillet that is grown in the pond behind the restaurant. Capacity: 50 seats restaurant + 50 seats terrace. Also, on Zlatibor, you can find the Ljubiš Tavern, which is also owned by the Pećinar family. The quality of food and service is identical to that in the Pećinar tavern in Ljubiš.

Vip Casa Club restaurant and winery

In the pleasant ambience of the Casa de Vinos restaurant and terrace, there is a wine festival throughout the year, an event that brings together 12 wineries and 12 world cuisines. Following the Wine Calendar of Vip Casa Club, you will easily choose your host and the time of year to spend on Zlatibor.

Experience your journey around the World, without suitcases and passports. With a glass of good wine, sail through the tastes of world cuisine and indulge in the pleasure prepared by the best chefs. Different from the standard restaurant offers, in Casa de Vinos you can choose between Vip Casa menu and Chameleon cuisine.

Preparing food in our country is an art to which we dedicate a lot of time and even more love. The combination of the traditional way of preparing food and modern international recipes creates the Vip Casa menu, with over 30 dishes for which we choose only the highest quality ingredients.

Restaurant Park kod Novice

In the village of Đurkovac, surrounded by beautiful nature, there is a restaurant "Park".

Due to its quality offer, for which the owner of the restaurant is responsible, it is a favorite among many tourists, as well as most Zlatibor citizens. The owner of the restaurant is the first man of the kitchen, a professional chef, with rich experience from the Adriatic. In addition to the exceptional barbecue and specialties that are recognizable for the Zlatibor region, here you can always eat fresh sea and river fish, game specialties, as well as various Italian dough dishes.